There is a great demand from pastors all over the world to establish a more deep and wide knowledge of the true faith in God. This has initiated the idea to hold the 1st World Christian Leaders’ Workshop in July 2014.

Opening Address

“To all the pastors who shared the grace of God in all the corners of the world! I truly hope that we can meet again in Korea to immerse ourselves in the deep and wide realm of our Lord and cooperate in evangelizing the world. Welcome!”

Main Lecturer

“Before I was born again, nothing had been accomplished. But after I received the forgiveness of sin by the grace of God, I have never failed even once.”
Pastor Ock Soo Park was born in 1944. By the Grace of God he received the forgiveness of sin and was born again in 1962.

Good News Mission

The Good News Mission was established by Pastor Ock Soo Park who was trained in a missionary school started by evangelical missionaries dispatched from the UK, the US, and other countries.

Mahanaim Cyber College

The Mahanaim Cyber College aims to train ministers with a fundamental evangelicalism base, which includes knowing the precise Gospel in the Bible through information and communication media for students around the world who have difficulties attending on-site lectures due to time and space constraints.

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